Why You Should Learn SEO?(12 Reasons Break Down Here)

There are so many ways of internet marketing and SEO one of them. Basically, we do SEO for a business website to promote and easily get the targeted customer. It’s a popular way for internet marketers to promote a business, and day by day increasing competition in this sector. Promote a business with internet marketing quite important, and why? Let’s know about it-


1. To Increase Your Sell


You are doing marketing your business in so many ways but you didn’t do by SEO then you are losing your targeted customer. Rank your business website, generate targeted customer and targeted customer means more sell.


2. Reduce Marketing Cost


There are many ways to do product marketing but SEO is very easy and SEO could be done in a lot less casting than other methods.


3. Promoting Your Business 24/7


If rank your website by SEO which means this method is promoting your business for 24/7.

Suppose you are doing marketing by TV channel ad, would the channels show 24/7 your product or service ad? NEVER! It could happen that when your ad comes to the TV channel but your targeted customer isn’t there to watch. But if your website got ranked then your targeted customer could found your business website anytime when they want.  So, this way you are promoting your business 24/7. Sounds good, no?


4. To Get Targeted Customer


Customers, who visit your website through the search engines they are your targeted customer, how? Well, when you search something in search engines, you search for the topic you really serious about. Just like you your website visitors were searching for a product or topic which they really need and serious about. And now it’s your turn to provide the right information. Quality content would help you to do you so.  5  Organic SEO is a Free Advertising Platform

Organic SEO doesn’t take any casting when you are doing it yourself, you have to be an SEO expert or else only one SEO Expert hire will be enough. The results obtained by SEO are far more than that charge.



6. To Achieve the Customer’s Trust 


Visitors know the information by Google because the visitors have trust in Google. Through SEO, a visitor found your website on Google’s 1st position means that visitors will trust your website too. By this process, you are achieving your customer’s trust.


7.  Increasing your brand contacts through SEO


Through SEO, the number of visitors to your website is growing; you can expand your brand to more contacts. More people can know about your brand.


8. SEO Long-Term Strategy


It takes Minimum 2 or 3 Month time to take a website rank through SEO, but once the website rank can actually stay for a long time. As long as your competitors rank you out.


9. Beat the offline Big Marketer in Short Time


Those who have already established their business in offline, beat them in offline is a big challenge, but it is easy to compete with established businesses by targeting online by low combative keywords.


10.  Relation Buildup with Customer 


By SEO not only your sells are increasing but also through the blog you are providing quality content and this way developing relation with customer.


11.  Increase Social Media Follower  


If your business website comes to the rank and shares your social media profiles on your website, your social media flow will increase and your contact as a Businessman / Businesswoman.


 12. Retargeting Customer by Collecting  Email


You could get back to your customer to the website via the organic visitor’s email collecting. Keep an email newsletter sign up form option for them. Visitors can sign up by their email, with the newsletter you could bring those visitors back to your website and it will increase the sell.



Seo’s importance in digital marketing cannot be finished with just 12 reasons, and this is why the value of the SEO industry is 65 billion dollars and it’s increasing day by day.

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