how to make money by youtube

How to Make Money by YouTube?(Some Easy Steps)

So you wanna know how to make money by YouTube? There have lots of opportunities to earn money by YouTube.

At first, let’s know some basic information about Youtube.

YouTube was started in 2005 and it is popular across the globe. People visit YouTube for nearly everything like learning new things, watching music videos, walkthrough gaming videos, movies and more. V-loggers are making thousands of dollars per month through YouTube monetization, it is also helping a lot of businesses to grow like online shopping websites advertise on YouTube through masthead and pre-roll ads.
YouTube is said to be the second largest web index on the internet after Google. YouTube has a lot of data and due to its large database, YouTube also protects its users from copyright issues.


How to Make Money by YouTube by Recording Videos?


how to make money by youtube by recording videos

YouTube is quite simple and easy to use, you just need an account on YouTube to upload videos but remember the video should not be violating YouTube policies. Whether you are a V-logger or just uploading random videos, YouTube is the best place. You can always put your videos in private mode and share the link with selected people to watch. The best thing about YouTube is its monetization feature. It lets you make money through your videos if they are not copied from somewhere else. You just need to have good videos and a lot of views on that video. Once you are eligible for YouTube monetization program, you will be able to earn through your videos. You can share your YouTube videos on any social media platform easily and whoever watches that video the views will be counted on your YouTube channel.
YouTube motivates everyone to record anything and upload it to the platform as long as it is according to policies and does not offend anyone.



YouTube Analytics


YouTube Analytics is beneficial whether you are a professional YouTuber or just uploaded your first video, YouTube Analytics gives you data of your channel and show how many, likes, views, subscribers etc do you have and from which videos and source it is coming to your channel, you can also integrate third-party tools for more in-depth analysis but personally I would not recommend that because YouTube stats are real-time and authentic.



How to Make Money by YouTube by Monetization to Your Channel?

How to Make Money by YouTube by Monetization to Your Channel

Once your channel is eligible for monetization you can earn money by uploading original content. Normally YouTube pays $0.10 – $10 per 1000 views on your video. Your revenue from videos might vary due to the quality of traffic so consider making videos which can attract the mass audience.



Promote Your Business By YouTube

promote your business by adwords

You want to advertise on YouTube you can easily do that but it will cost you a little more than other platforms such as AdWords and Facebook. You can advertise your product or service through image and video ads which is quite effective if done rightly. YouTube lets you target your potential customers by age, gender, and interest. You should definitely try YouTube adverts if you are considering to boost your business online.



Official Artist Channel Feature

This is a new feature of YouTube if you are an artist you can update to official artist channel. This feature will enable you to change tabs on your YouTube channel and the user will be able to identify you as an artist which helps in generating more views and increases the channel’s credibility.

So, Now you know how to make money by YouTube. Don’t do late anymore get started from now.

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